Los Lotharios Reveal The Backstage Reaction To Their Current WWE Gimmick


During a recent interview with Pwinsider, Los Lotharios commented on how their current gimmick came together, the backstage reaction to it, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


Angel Garza how their Los Lotharios gimmick came together and the backstage reaction to their pairing: “So this has been my gimmick, since I was in NXT. I was doing the kiss thing and then doing the high five thing, taking the hand off. And then it became into the rose thing that I was doing during my running on Raw. And then, when we did the transition to SmackDown, that last part of Raw, they were like, “Hey, you guys look great together, and you are cousins.” And oh, you just noticed that we are cousins? So, yeah, we pitched it before, we pitch this tag team before. And they said, “No, Humberto is completely baby-faced. You are completely here. There is no way for us to put you guys together.” And then they came with idea like, “Okay, let’s give you a try. We want to see you guys together. Let’s see what you guys can bring to the table.” And then after that, they were like, “Guys, you are gold. You guys look great. You are in good shape. You have a lot of good skills.” And then, they adapt Humberto into the same gimmick that I had. I don’t know why, if it’s a thing, that Latino heat thing. They always trying to bring the Latino into the sexy mood. I mean, we know we are sexy guys..But I think it just come natural. It’s that connection that we have in between ladies, Latinos. And yeah, that gimmick is just flowing natural.”

Humberto Carrillo on adapting to being a heel: “Yeah, no, not at all. It wasn’t hard. I just learned a lot off of my cousin, because you know, he’s been on the heel side. Also my uncle, he used to be a good heel. So I think it’s on our veins. It’s in our blood. And I think there’s always a heel side in every baby face. And you know, I just got tired of losing as a baby face.”

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