Lots Of CM Punk News – Ex-Girlfriend, New YouTube Series


— The book Bake and Destroy: Good Food For Bad Vegans was released today. It is a cookbook by Natalie Slater, CM Punk’s ex-girlfriend, who came up with the straight edge “I’m better than you” heel personality, as was revealed on his Best in the World documentary. Punk wrote the foreword for the book. You can order it at Amazon.com.

— Fans can now bid on a signed print of the Second City Saints (CM Punk, Colt Cabana and Ace Steele) that Steele is selling to raise money for the family of “Jack Gamble” Darren Gamblin, who wrestles for Harley Race’s WLW. Gamblin, his wife Casey and their infant were hit by a vehicle driven by a drunk driver who was trying to run from the police. While all of them are okay, they have large medical bills to pay off. The print was signed to help raise money, and you can bid on it here.

— CM Punk has also started a Youtube series with Nerdist.com called “Grammar Slam”. In it, Punk explains the proper way to use the English language for those who write him and use incorrect punctuation. This week, he discusses “You’re” vs “Your”. Punk and The Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick started working together after Punk’s appearance on The Talking Dead.

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