Lots Of Highlights From Today’s WWE Comic-Con Panel Featuring Sting, Hogan, D-Bryan & Heyman


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The WWE/Mattel panel at Comic-Con just ended, and was the best
one I’ve attended here. Highlighted by a surprise appearance by Sting, this
year’s panel was hosted by Michael Cole and was far less toy-oriented than in
years past. After a brief tour of the company’s upcoming figures by a couple of
Mattel guys, Cole introduced the panel’s remaining guests: Daniel Bryan, Paul
Heyman and Hulk Hogan.

Michael Cole moderated the discussion (during
which he repeatedly pushed the WWE Network). He asked about Daniel Bryan’s
health (Bryan sounded frustrated but said his recovery is coming along), the
origin of the “yes” movement (UFC fighter Diego Sanchez – Bryan found it
amusingly annoying and adopted it to generate heel heat), the backstage reaction
to Brock Lesnar breaking the streak (Hogan said everyone backstage was in shock
and compared it to a funeral), and the panel’s thoughts on Lesnar-John Cena at
Summerslam (Heyman says Brock will be at 100% against Cena for first time – says
Lesnar over Cena isn’t just a prediction, it’s a spoiler).

Cole then
opened the discussion to the audience, who asked questions like:

– What
should someone do to get a job with Creative to (Heyman jokingly suggested
getting advanced psychotherapy, avoid making Vince McMahon mad on a daily

– How do PPV bonuses work with the network (Daniel Bryan says
nobody really knows – Cole jokingly tried to hurry to the next

– Someone asked Cole whether Jerry Lawler smells like strippers
(“no comment”)

– A kid asked Bryan why he is so exciting but Randy Orton
is so boring

– Will Hogan be in Expendables 4? (Hogan says it’s the first
he’s ever heard about it but would love to get the call)

– Thoughts on
KENTA (Bryan puts him over, says one of his favorite matches ever was against
KENTA in 2006 in ROH – unlike Sin Cara and luchadores, who are technical. KENTA
just kicks hard, and even ruptured Bryan’s eardrum in 2007)

– A fan asked
Hogan to cut promo on hypothetical WM 31 match against Lesnar, which was awesome
and drew a well-deserved standing ovation (his promo included threats against
Heyman, causing him to switch seats with Bryan)

– What was the first show
each panelist watched on network (Hogan watched the NWO special; Bryan’s was
backstage at a show, when he watched with Goldust an unnamed Dustin Runnels WCW
match and “gave him some crap”)

– Would Heyman compare himself to Bobby
Heenan? (Heyman puts over guys like Heenan, Lou Albano, Freddie Blassie, Jimmy
Hart (who was actually backstage and came out briefly) – Heyman said he isn’t a
manager, but an advocate: he “can’t touch their body of work,” so he won’t

– Does Hogan think The Miz is stealing his gimmick? (Hogan
said his Hollywood character was a “straight-up heel” and would rip Miz’s face

– If Hogan could have one more match, who would his opponent
be?(Hogan named Bryan, Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin (which popped the crowd),
or Vince McMahon)

– How does Daniel Bryan recommend growing an “epic
beard” (he said he’s not the best person to ask, since after 2+ years his is
still shorter than the Wyatts, who have only been growing theirs for about half
the time)

– What was Hogan’s favorite Wrestlemania highlight? (Lots of
them, but said it would probably be his match against The Rock)

At this
point, Mattel announced the impending arrival of a Sting action figure, which
led the man himself to come out from backstage. He carried the black bat and was
in full Crow makeup. Cole asked when we’ll see him in the ring; Sting said he
wants to wrestle but didn’t get specific about where or against

Cole announced Sting’s appearance as his first ever at a WWE event,
and it felt like a huge moment, even bigger than CM Punk’s surprise appearance
in 2011. It was a great way to end the panel, as fans left while Sting, Hogan,
Bryan and Heyman posed for photos together.

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