AEW Dynamite

Lots of Notes From Wednesday Night’s AEW Dynamite Tapings


Credit: Ethan Cramer of

* Lower level pullout seats in Section 114 near commentary are not pulled out and is used as a production area.

* There are two jib crane cameras being used. One is for the commentary and entrance. The other is lower right corner hard camera side to get aerial crowd and ring shots.

* They have three hard cameras lined up in the same row. They are not spaced out, like in WWE.

* Two cameras attached to the ring posts closest to the hard camera side.

* The ring is miked through the PA, like WWE.

* Production uses all led lighting for the ring, crowd, etc. No Par Can lighting, like in WWE. It could be the reason why talent look different with the lighting (example: paler or not muscles not as defined).

* To pass eight minutes before going live on TNT, they showed fan signs on the LED video screens. A kid dressed as Orange Cassidy got a big pop.

* They play a generic music beat through the commercial breaks.

* As the show went on, people moved around to empty seats to get closer. Scattered seats upper and lower levels.

* Teddy Hart arrived before the AEW main event during a commercial break with his cat, Mr. Money.

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