Luchadors Band Together And Help Elderly Get COVID-19 Vaccinations


In recent times, we often hear of the professional wrestling landscape being altered by the ever-present COVID-19 pandemic that our world is currently facing. On the flip side of the equation, it’s not often that we witness the wrestling landscape alter the future of the pandemic itself.

As first reported by Sky News on Twitter, a plethora of luchadors volunteered their time between matches to help assist in vaccinations around Mexico City. While they may not have been puncturing the skin of the elderly themselves, they were responsible for transporting the elderly to different checkpoints and guiding them through the vaccination process. We here at eWrestlingNews could not identify most of the crew seen in the video – however, we did recognize Ring of Honor’s Bandido amongst the crowd.

Luchadores have been the saving grace of this entire pandemic. Heck, they’ve been masking since before it was cool! It’s incredible to see the wrestling community band together in support of a great cause.

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