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Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Pulled from All WWE Live Events, Still Leaving WWE?


UPDATE x 2: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have been pulled from all of their scheduled WWE live event bookings, this according to Pwinsider. As you’d expect, that has continued to fuel the rumors that the two men may be leaving WWE when their contracts expire later this year (said to be in late September). There are rumors that the two recently turned down a five-year, multi-million dollar contract extension and are waiting to “see what the wrestling landscape looks like” closer to when their contracts expire.

With that being said, the two are still in talks with WWE but are not currently booked for anything other than TV tapings or pay-per-view events. The duo haven’t worked a WWE live event match since February 25th and their last match at a WWE TV taping was a dark match on March 12th.

As of now, the team is planning to leave WWE when their current deals expire despite Karl Anderson saying otherwise (see below). Of course, a deal could always be worked out between now and the time their contracts expire, but they aren’t happy with their current booking and are planning on leaving as of now.

As noted above, negotiations between Gallows, Anderson and WWE are ongoing but are being described as “at a standstill”. That is the reason they are being kept off WWE live events for now.

UPDATE: We previously reported here on eWn that WWE Superstars Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were planning to leave WWE when their contracts expire in September. We noted that plans could obviously change if they were offered more money or got big pushes and of course, there is a lot of time between now and September, but Anderson appeared to respond to the rumors via Twitter on Tuesday. He said,

“Message from my 7 year old, Cylus.. #DontBelieveEverythingYouRead. Pplease follow me on Instagram @sillycycy”

You can check out that video and tweet he posted below.

If the video doesn’t load above, you can click here to view it. The link will pop up in a new window.

It should be noted that Anderson and Gallows, especially Gallows, have been unhappy in WWE in recent months.

ORIGINAL: According to a new report from, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson recently turned down “multi-million dollar deals” to extend their current WWE contracts. The two are set to leave the company after their current deals expire.

Multiple sources are saying that WWE officials approached the two well in advance of their contracts being up in an attempt to re-sign them. While there were several backstage meetings, the two men have reportedly turned down their new offers. The reason is apparently due to their creative booking, as they have not been given any high-profile feuds or storylines in the past couple of years since they joined the company. Also, WWE dropped their planned WWE Network series “Botch Club” after just one episode. According to sources, Gallows and Anderson’s current WWE contracts are set to expire in late September of this year and their minds could change by then, especially if they get a big push, but as of now, the word among talent is that they intend to depart the company.

Also, the duo aren’t being booked for any WWE live events after they failed to reach a new deal during their initial contract meetings. The two have been brought in to the TV tapings, though.

For what it’s worth, numerous WWE Superstars are said to be “less scared” about being vocal to management and complaining than they apparently were before. There’s reportedly an idea now in the WWE locker room that Superstars who complain more will be given some type of push on TV.

One example of this idea could possibly be The Revival. As previously reported, the team was rumored to be unhappy with their booking on RAW, and the duo requested their releases. However, just a few weeks later, The Revival won the RAW tag team titles, giving them their first titles on the main roster.

It should also be noted that WWE producer Adam Pearce wrote in a series of tweets this month about the “squeaky wheel” getting replaced. However, he reacted defensively when it was asked if the tweets were wrestling related.

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