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Luke Hawx Talks Working With The WWE, Matt Hardy’s “Broken” Gimmick, Talking With The Rock & More



Wildkat Sports CEO & current Independent wrestler Luke Hawx, recently sat down with Raj Giri of WrestlingINC. During their talk, Hawx went over his interaction with WWE great, The Rock, during the filming of “The Fate Of The Furious”. Also, Hawx discussed his experiences working with the WWE & much more.

Here are the highlights:

Working With The WWE:

“Yeah, and I still do. I don’t as much as I used to because I want to give the spots to my students because my goal is not to go to WWE; my goal 10 years ago was to be in WWE, but now that I have started my own successful business, create my own career, I wanted to focus more on my students because I am living my dream, at my pace to do what I want to do. I’m always busy though and my head is always spinning with different markets with fitness and movies, so I have a lot of different things going on. I get to spend more time with my kids and go to their wrestling events, but if I was in WWE, I would be on the road 300 days a year. If I did, I would of had to take a pay-cut and move to Florida, so that wasn’t something that I was interested in doing this point in my career. Don’t get me wrong; it always has its setbacks; people will say, well, if you are so good, then why aren’t you in WWE? The average person really doesn’t understand that.”

Interacting With The Rock:

“Yeah, we had a chance to talk for a bit. Like I said, I have been around the greats, all the big timers, but he was the busiest person I have ever seen in my life. I don’t know how he remains sane. We would only talk when we were rolling the film, like we’d be getting lined up for our scene and would get ready to film our scene, but he knows me from GI Joe and from wrestling as well so we would catch up a little bit. But, every time the Director would yell ‘cut,’ his Assistant would come over to him, the Director is coming over. Somebody is feeding him; this person needs that, he is being pulled in 100 different directions. I have no idea how he stays sane or how he sleeps. I don’t even think it is possible that he sleeps, everyone is clawing at him.”

His Thought’s On Matt Hardy’s “Broken” Gimmick:

“I love it, I love it. I think anytime you can stay relevant for so long and reinvent yourself, obviously you are doing something right. It is not an easy job to do; it’s hard to get one character over for a certain period of time, let alone two. Look at certain people today who is a generic Wrestler who just can’t get over. They might be a great Wrestler and may be able to Wrestler their butt off, they can’t get over for some reason. Anything you can do to reinvent yourself and stay relevant and new and fresh, to get it over is awesome.”

Randy Orton’s Comments Towards Indie Wrestlers:

“I did and I loved it. I’m one of those guys that is a big believer in psychology and I am a big believer in selling a product in Wrestling. To each his own, everyone has their own opinions. When I started out, I was one of those flippy guys who trained, but was not fundamentally sound, but can do some cool stuff and I wanted to advance my career and started to look at things and asked myself what it was I was missing, what it was I needed to improve, so not only work on my Wrestling but my body as well. Randy Orton has a point because I had to see guys go out there for 20 minutes and just do gymnastics and then they hug after. It’s like, there’s no storytelling. I want them to go out there and I want to see why you are mad at this guy; not every match has to be that because I love the English style and I love the Lucha style Wrestling, but there’s a place and time for everything. I think the gymnastics part of it is somewhat overdone. I felt that way with Death Match Wrestling as well; remember a few years ago, about 7-8 years ago Death Matches had really peaked with XPW, CZW, so Death Matches were really hot, they were just doing some really stupid stuff, but they were drawing big crowds. Now days they are doing even stupider stuff, but only drawing like 200-300 people and are killing themselves in front of like 300 people.”

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