Madcap Moss Says Sami Zayn Is His Dream WrestleMania 39 Opponent


During a recent appearance on “WWE Deutschland,” WWE Superstar Madcap Moss revealed his dream match for WrestleMania 39.

The former jokester named Sami Zayn as the person he’d most like to face off against on the grandest stage of them all. He said,


“Sami Zayn, the Honorary Uce. I just can’t decide how I feel about him because I just can’t take my eyes off of him. He’s so entertaining. But, at the time, I have my fist balled up every time I watch him and I just want to punch him right in the face at the same time … Either way he’s an unbelievable performer, you know, all craziness aside he’s one of the best on the mic, in the ring. You know what he did this past year at WrestleMania with Johnny, Johnny Knoxville, how fun was that match? An absolutely all-time match right there.”

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