Madcap Moss Weighs In On Paul Heyman Calling Him A Future Main Eventer


Back in February, Paul Heyman labeled Madcap Moss a future main eventer, and Moss recently shared his thoughts on what that meant to him.

During a recent interview with NBC Sports Boston, Madcap was asked about the praise Heyman gave him when he said that Moss “is going to be a star” and “a main eventer.”


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Paul Heyman calling him a future main eventer: “The analytical side of me that might be skeptical of, maybe I’m just hyping myself up in my head a little too much, maybe I’m not as good as I think I am… those go out the window when you’ve got someone like Paul Heyman [saying that], who is an absolute legend in so many ways. As a performer, as a judge of talent in this industry, and when he’s saying those things about me, going out of his way to say those things about me, it gives me a vote of confidence that I am on the right track, and I can do all of those things with the best of them.”

On being motivated by the praise: “It also motivates me to make him live up to his word, and part of that is because I just want to prove him right, and I appreciate him saying that, but he’s also a big reason why I’m in the position that I am today. He was a big part of getting me an opportunity on ‘Raw’ at the beginning of 2020, and so I owe Paul for that, and want to prove him right in a number of ways.”

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