​Madusa Blasts The Road Dogg & Josh Matthews Over An Old WWE Video From 2012


WWE Hall of Famer Madusa recently posted a rant on Facebook, slamming The Road Dogg and Josh Matthews for sexual innuendos made about her. She apparently just caught an old WWE Are You Serious? video from April 8th, 2012 . The video can be seen below.

Madusa said, “Well gentlemen I am sitting down here in my vault and listening to the two idiots commentating I wonder how they got their job? Why is it that man I always have to refer to women on sexual comments. Sometimes guys especially this woman never had to do extra curricular activity to get to where she fought so hard to be in her wrestling career. Maybe that’s why I always had resistance and never got that big push? That was a constant fight I always had to overcome during my 18 years of wrestling. I was serious I wanted to wrestle I was serious I wasn’t there for couch auditions.”

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