Madusa On What She Never Had In Her Career, Speaks On If She Can Still Wrestle & More


WWE Hall Of Famer Madusa, recently joined Sean Waltman’s “X-Pac 12360” podcast. During the interview, Madusa spoke on dropping the WWF Women’s Title in the trash on Monday Nitro, reveals the one thing that she never had throughout her 18-year career & more.

Here are the highlights:

Working On A Biography:

“I was approached here recently to do something totally different with the biography and I don’t think it’s been done. So all I’m going to say is I don’t have a publisher yet. I did have one and then I turned him down and that was probably stupid but things happen for a reason.”

Dropping The WWF Women’s Title In The Trash:

“I was so hurt, I had a lot of come to Jesus talks with myself. You know those lonely nights by yourself crying yourself to sleep where people don’t know.”

Can She Still Wrestle?:

“Well after this knee, I feel pretty damn good. You never know, but listen to this, it’s not my time, it’s not about me. People ask me all the time, could I still go? Damn right, I probably could if I got back to training for a month or two. You know what I would like? Why not be the woman version of Paul Heyman. You know what I am saying? Why can’t I go up there and get a few women in a stable? What about the Dangerous Alliance of Women? Or how about, ‘these b*****s will turn you to stone.”

What She Never Had In Her 18-Year Career:

“I really would like an action figure, of course. If it happens great, if it doesn’t, oh well. So here’s a cute story: so my husband was like, ‘Why don’t you have an action figure?’ This was before the Hall of Fame. I was tearing up inside, I was getting so mad. I was like, ‘oh, I don’t know, I don’t know.’ He goes, ‘well, weren’t you with WWE?’ I’m like, ‘yeah, but I was in that one era, Allen, where it was kind of a lost era’ you know, it just wasn’t happening. I didn’t know what to say, I guess I wasn’t popular enough or I just I don’t know. Don’t talk about it”. I snapped at him and I walked out.”

“A couple months later, a frickin FedEx came. He goes, ‘open those packages.’ I’m like, ‘okay, maybe something from Tiffany’s.’ Hell no, I open it up and they’re action figures and the dude who makes these WWE (custom figures) it was in a WWE box. I’ve got two of those action figures, one is Madusa and one is Alundra Blayze and it is spitting images. I said, ‘oh my gosh'”.


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