Madusa On Mandy Rose’s FanTime Account: “Why Is It Such A Big Deal?”


WWE Hall of Famer Madusa (formerly Alundra Blayze) has added her name to the list of people supporting Mandy Rose in the wake of Rose’s release from WWE NXT. Rose was released in December 2022 for the content posted on her FanTime page, one day after dropping the NXT Women’s Championship.

Madusa appeared on an episode of Just Alyx to speak in defense of Rose’s account and decisions. You can read highlights below:


Rose having her private account: “Mandy is a full-grown woman and she has her own choices in life. Repercussions come from your choices in life, her doing what she did, and she knew going in… So if it was in her contract and it was ok for her to do FanTime, then who gives a crap, right? If it wasn’t, then she knew that the repercussions were coming. But OK, it was her choice. Why is it such a big deal?”

Fans who criticize Rose having an account: “If her fans say they support her, then they should support her decision. To each their own, man. Why do we even care what other people are doing in their own time and criticize them?”

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