Magnus Arrives Late To iMPACT!, TNA Management Happy


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— Magnus, who was pulled from the live iMPACT! Wrestling on Thursday due to the travel time he needed to return from the UK after getting his new work visa, was actually backstage during most of the first live show. He arrived in Cleveland sooner than expected, and was used during the taping for next week’s iMPACT! Wrestling broadcast.

— Many in TNA were pleased with the media blitz over the final few days leading into the Cleveland tapings last night. The late media attention was believed to help the walk-up ticket sales for the show.

The Hagerstown Herald-Mail interviewed Austin Areis to promote the TMA iMPACT! Wrestling live event in the area this weekend.

— Hulk Hogan was announced by Southern Pigskin as a celebrity game picker for the 2013 edition of the Southern Pigskin College Football Pick’em contest.

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