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NewsMajor Backstage Update: Triple H & FCW + WWE/Tout

Major Backstage Update: Triple H & FCW + WWE/Tout

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Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Sean B. sent this one in: As you guys reported earlier today, WWE is using a cost method to account for their investment in Tout. Typically if you are using the cost method, that implies ownership of 20-50%. It can’t be over 50% because then the equity method would have to be used.

— WWE developmental has drastically changed in recent months due to Triple H taking it over earlier in the year. It is said that Vince McMahon is almost completely hands off and is giving Triple H a chance to carry on with his own vision of WWE developmental.

The reason that the new NXT is not being aired locally in Florida is because the company feels it will lower the value of the show. They eventually want to sell it as a national show or even feature it on the WWE network.

Speaking of NXT, the recent tapings from Full Sail University have been running very smoothly with a strong emphasis on in-ring action. Triple H is not booking the shows, but has the final say in the brand’s direction. He lays out what he wants done, ad it is then carries out by the agents working the tapings.

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