Major Backstage Update – WWE’s New UK TV Deal


As previously reported, WWE signed a new TV deal with Sky Sports to air their programming on UK television. Here are the details on that deal.

* The new contract is for five years, lasting into 2019.

* With the new deal, the TV rights fees jumped to three times the previous amount. Basically, WWE made out BIG time with $$$.

* Sky Sports will air RAW, SmackDown, NXT, Superstars and Main Event each week, with recap shows and replays.

* In previous years, Sky showed select PPVs for free, with others being shown as a traditional PPV for an extra fee as special events. This time around, the new deal does not include any free PPV events. All 12 WWE PPV events will buy-only PPV shows, costing approximately $25 US per show.

* WWE had hoped for big TV rights fees increases this year, and the UK deal gets them off to a good start.

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