Major Backstage Update x 2 – Batista’s WWE Return


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The deal for Batista to return during WrestleMania XXX season is something he and Triple H have been working on for a few months. Batista is scheduled to work some television tapings, pay-per-views and even some of WWE’s non-televised live events. The deal calls for Batista to stick around for at least some time after WrestleMania XXX in April.

Before announcing his return on RAW on Monday night, the original plan called for Batista to return as an entrant in the Royal Rumble as we noted earlier. He would have appeared on the “go home” edition of RAW to announce this. WWE had copy of the promotional materials that were scheduled to be sent to local arenas and apparently those were sent out prematurely without notice that Batista’s inclusion in them was to be held off until he officially debuted at the Rumble or on RAW the week before.

Apparently WWE came up with the idea of having Batista return on the January 20th edition of WWE RAW early last week. The idea behind it is an attempt to try and spike the RAW rating for that night. If true, apparently the advertising issues with local arena websites had no impact on WWE’s plans to have him return on RAW on January 20th.

As a result of the information leaking early on official arena websites, among other places, WWE was quite upset. One source joked that it was a good thing Vnice McMahon was overseas visiting the U.S. Troops when the news leaked, or he may have killed someone.

One person who recently saw Batista this past weekend noted that he has put on a lot of size and muscle and appears to be more ripped than usual.

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