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NewsMajor Changes Made To The TNA Bound For Glory PPV - Lots...

Major Changes Made To The TNA Bound For Glory PPV – Lots Of Backstage News Inside Here



Source: The Wrestling Observer

One of the
original plans for TNA Bound for Glory was to have Team 3D vs. The Wolves at the
pay-per-view for the tag titles. The Wolves were taken off the event and
replaced by Tommy Dreamer and Abyss.

Abyss was
originally going to face Bram, but bookers decided to make the change since Team
3D was in the country for the Hall of Fame ceremony. Bram was also pulled from
the show.

Samoa Joe vs.
Low Ki was the original X-Division title match. Kaz Hayashi from Wrestle-1 was
added to the match because Joe is working through an injury, and Hayashi would
be able to compensate for any issues in the match if need be.

The original
plan was for MVP vs. Ryota Hama, which was changed to MVP vs. Kazma Sakamoto.
Hama will now face Ethan Carter III. This was done to add more TNA vs. Wrestle-1
matches for the event.

Wrestle-1 talents were not booked for the event because Wrestle-1 did not want
to alienate American PPV buyers by making it look like a total Wrestle-1

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