Major Creative Changes At RAW + Morrison Not Happy


— This is just a reminder that WZR Radio will NOT be airing this week on Tuesday due to the live WWE SmackDown broadcast. The show will air LIVE one day later on Wednesday from 8-10EST. We hope to see you then!

— Less than four hours before RAW went live, the script called for John Morrison to “job out” to Brodus Clay. Once again, there were several re-writes during the late afternoon/evening hours. This seems to be a weekly thing as of late as the weekend draft they have coming in to RAW is rarely used after re-writes on Monday. We’ll have more on this tomorrow. Brodus will debut next Monday on RAW……… maybe?! He was backstage at RAW again this week but was not used at the last minute.

— Mae Young was also called over the weekend and told to come to RAW. When she arrived, she was booked for the show. By the time they went live, she had been bumped due to late creative changes.

— Speaking of John Morrison, he tweeted the following prior to RAW: “Humble pie tastes like crap”

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