Major issue that WWE needs to be addressed with the WWE Network


Last week we noted that people were able to cancel their WWE Network subscriptions if they didn’t have money on their credit card or simply by cancelling through their Paypal account. It looks like they have an even bigger problem that is affecting their subscription numbers.

Apparently you can share your WWE Network account with several people at the same time. Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer radio that he heard from someone that was sharing his password with 5 other people. He’s also heard the same thing from other people. On UFC Fight Pass you cannot watch on more than one device at the same time (one IP address at one time). 

Within the company there are people high up that don’t know how the WWE Network is doing. There are very few people who know. The top people that should have a vague idea actually have no idea. The number of subscriptions is being kept very secretive. People in the company are very worried because of the hot shotting. Besides offering the WWE Network for free this past week, WWE is also offering $25 gift cards for anyone that tried the network this past week and signs up. 

Also, one issue i’ve heard from many people that have the network is the buffering/skipping problem that comes up from time to time on the live stream especially during the pay-per-views. That could be because MLB (who handles the stream for WWE) may not realize how many people are sharing their passwords. For example, if there are 700,000 people currently paying for the network but there’s actually 900,000 people in total watching because there are 200,000 people watching by using a friend’s password then that would put a heavy load on the stream because MLB only prepped for 700,000.

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