Major Late-Breaking Update On Brock Lesnar & WWE


As noted earlier, Brock Lesnar’s rumored return to WWE was a big discussion topic with the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame crowd last night.


WWE sources are reporting that they hear Brock Lesnar has signed with WWE. Nothing is 100% confirmed as of yet though. The two sides were talking all week in order to come to terms. Brock has no desire to work a full-time schedule and WWE is okay with this.

Several people say WWE wants to announce at least one main event for WrestleMania 29 tonight, as they did last year. A match from Lesnar would fit with that. Dana White has confirmed that Brock is able to return to WWE if he so desires. As previously reported, Lesnar is in Miami for sure.

According to a fan who saw Brock arrive at the airport, he had a ton of security around him. He was also wearing a hoodie with the hood up. It should be noted that he flew into the Fort Lauderdale airport. It’s possible that was done so he could try to be snuck in better than if he flew right into Miami.

Paul Heyman, who is a longtime friend and business partner of Brock Lesnar’s, is telling friends that he’s not in Miami today.

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