Major RAW Angle Update – Lesnar Destroys Triple H’s Office


UPDATE x 4: Paul Heyman tweeted the following:

#BreakingNews! An #F5 tore thru @TripleH’s @WWE World HQ office today! I’ll make footage avail on #RAW tonight!

Heyman then posted a photo of Triple H’s office being “trashed”. If you’re interested, you can click here to view the mangled office.

Basically, it looks like Brock Lesnar is going through WWE headquarters and destroying anything related to Triple H. The footage will then air on RAW tonight.

UPDATE x 3: The following is from

Brock Lesnar and adviser Paul Heyman arrived unannounced at WWE headquarters in Stamford, Conn., Monday morning. obtained a photo of the pair inside the lobby of the building.

Although the purpose of their visit is presently unclear, Heyman tweeted a series of messages alluding to a surprise that he and Lesnar would reveal on Raw, live on USA Network at 8/7 CT tonight.

You can click here to view a photo of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman arriving at WWE headquarters.

UPDATE x 2: Paul Heyman posted the following updates via Twitter…

A personal note from my client @BrockLesnar to @TripleH … WHY would you have a sledgehammer in your office? Someone could …

UPDATE: Paul Heyman continues to tease something for RAW, posting the following…

My client @BrockLesnar is in a #BreakingNews sort of mood for @WWE #RAW. But we’re not waiting til 2night!

ORIGINAL: Paul Heyman posted the following on Twitter…

#2EXTREME4WWE I like the adjective #EXTREME. So does my client. Hint hint for tomorrow’s @WWE #RAW

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