Major RAW Creative Changes + Laurinaitis **SPOILER**?


— If you still don’t think WWE creative plans change on an daily/hourly basis, the company sent out a text alert at 5:15EST saying a battle royal would be held on RAW to determine the #1 contender for Sheamus’ title. It was then changed to a fatal four-way less than three hours before RAW went live.

— Local ads that aired during RAW in the New York City area on Monday night had John Cena vs. The Big Show & John Laurinaitis in the main event for Monday’s RAW taping there, with Laurinaitis described as “Assistant to the WWE Board of Directors.” Thus, it sounds as if the plan is to have Laurinaitis be removed from his current position, but moved to another in order to remain a storyline character. We’ll have more on this later this week. Stay tuned and check back in often! It’s going to be a very busy next few weeks.

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