Major Script Changes At RAW – What Happened?


According to sources, there were major script changes at Monday’s RAW. The changes were made by Vince McMahon as he wasn’t happy with the original booking of the show.

McMahon reportedly consulted both Paul Heyman and Wayne Keown (Zeb Colter) for minimal input and also took advice from Stephanie McMahon.

As reported earlier, several of WWE’s current storylines are based off of real life dynamics. Stephanie McMahon being interrupted and the McMahon family story look to be based on some real-life tension between the involved parties over the booking in recent weeks.

As noted yesterday here on the website, the segment on RAW where Stephanie McMahon told Kaitlyn to never interrupt her again was inspired by a real-life incident that occurred backstage recently. As you saw on RAW, Stephanie McMahon, on her way to the back, gave Kaitlyn an evil look and told her it would be in her best interest to never interrupt her again. There was an incident at a recent TV taping where Kaitlyn approached Stephanie backstage while she was talking to someone else and it caused a scene. Basically, Stephanie was upset that Kaitltyn approached her and couldn’t wait until she was done talking with the other person to say what she had to say. It’s interesting to note that following this, Kaitlyn lost the Divas title. Oooops!

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