Major Update: Huge WWE Creative Shakeup + Vince’s Mood


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The meeting that Vince McMahon had backstage at RAW and the major creative changes that happened after were due to McMahon finally doing something about RAW’s bad ratings and creative direction.

Several sources say McMahon has been stressed for weeks now and something happened during his flight to the west coast that made him decide to take action. A top WWE superstar also had a blow-up with Vince about the state of the company and what needed to be changed.

Brian Gewirtz, who was previously the WWE’s Senior Vice President of Creative, was demoted to a consultant role and may not be with WWE much longer. Even before the demotion, he was assigned to WWE’s “home team” of writers, which works on TV scripts from WWE HQ in Stamford, CT. He was only showing up three to four days a week, which got him into trouble with his co-workers.

As noted late last night here on the website, Gewirtz is the person who writes The Rock’s material, so that is one of the reasons he is being kept as a consultant.

Dave Kapoor (Ranjin Singh) will take over a good portion of Gewirtz’s duties. Ed Koskey still handles the writing for SmackDown (with Michael Hayes) and Eric Pankowski also has influence over the creative direction.

Meanwhile, a lot of the blame is being put on Stephanie McMahon. A source said: “The reality is Brian isn’t the real issue or even a band-aid. Stephanie has run this dysfunctionally toxic division for the entire duration of its ratings decline. Her horrendous structure from the committee dynamic to who she fast-tracks and how rigidly the shows are structured are why this product isn’t gangbusters. Plus, three hours is a [disaster].”

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