Major Update On Chelsea Green, RETRIBUTION Angle, Main Roster


For those who were anticipating Chelsea Green debuting on the main roster or being a part of the RETRIBUTION faction, WWE currently has no plans for her at this point in time.

During today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the current status of Green and if she will be making it to the main WWE roster. Green is not part of the current RETRIBUTION stable on RAW, despite rumors and teases that she was a member of the group.

Meltzer added that Green was taken off of NXT TV right when it appeared she was about to get a push after she broke away from manager Robert Stone. When the angle was done, it was executed with the intent of bringing Green to the main WWE roster.

Meltzer stated, “At the time, the idea was to bring her to the main roster, but they’ve made changes since then. So, who the hell knows what’s going on?”

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