Major Update On Los Parks Being Fired From MLW, What Went Down Backstage


UPDATE: Fightful has more details on Los Parks being fired from MLW after speaking to Alex Hammerstone about the situation. Hammerstone, along with Jacob Fatu, was one of the wrestlers deliberately injured by the Parks.

Hammerstone in particular was ready to fight all three of them. The two sons were “angling off” Park backstage. Davey Richards, a paramedic, helped those who needed it backstage and was said to be “invaluable” to the ordeal. People in the MLW locker room and staff said that Hammerstone and Fatu handled it “as well as possible given the circumstances” and the Parks were lucky.

No one’s been able to figure out why the team acted like they did, except maybe that LA Park was trying to teach his sons a lesson in intimidating others. Park felt “slighted” for how he was portrayed in WCW and tries to protect himself on US shows. One talent said that Park tried to shoot on them years ago. No other issues between Park and MLW have been reported prior to March 31. Court Bauer took some time to think it over and then fired all three. Park was “apologetic” and told people in Mexico the situation broke down because he couldn’t speak English well.

Hammerstone said that some people were out of place and tried to help to protect the angle while making sense of the situation. He said that the back of his head was split open from a chairshot he didn’t know was coming from one of the sons. That was what he had an issue with. Fatu was confused going backstage and had to go to the hospital for concussion protocol. Hammerstone said that LA Park and his sons claimed they didn’t know what they were supposed to be doing. He added that he didn’t ask for the three to be fired but isn’t upset that they were.

ORIGINAL: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Los Parks are no longer a part of MLW following an incident in which they deliberately hurt two wrestlers. Court Bauer confirmed the news on Twitter.

There had previously been heat on LA Park anyway due to an unknown incident in the past, as well as his reputation from being hard to work with.

However, the inciting incident for the firing happened on the March 31 show. Los Parks was set to do a run-in on Jacob Fatu after his match to set up Fatu vs. Park. Alex Hammerstone came out for the save. The Parks reportedly got rough with both men. One source stated that they went “off script” and “into business for themselves,” using real punches and real chair shots on Hammerstone and Fatu. This resulted in both men being busted open and they both needed medical attention.

Court Bauer fired all three, which includes LA Park, LA Park Jr. and El Hijo de LA Park. They were sent home last Friday.

Fatu and Hammerstone will be okay after the incident, although they were obviously angered. Hammerstone was said to be yelling backstage at Park to “go right now”, who pretended he didn’t understand English. Fatu ended up facing Bestia 666 on the April 1 show instead of Park.

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