Major Update On Martha Hart/WWE Lawsuit, Morgan-WWE Update


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— Matt Morgan will continue to appear for TNA Wrestling despite reportedly meeting his contractual obligations. He has been announced for this week’s Impact Wrestling live event tour of Texas—June 14 in Belton and and June 16 in Houston. He is advertised to face Crimson on both shows. As noted earlier, Morgan wrote the following on Twitter in response to whether he plans to return to WWE: “TICK TOCK..” The question read: “is it true your going back to wwe? Wouldn blame you cuz why aint you been champ 3 X by now @ Tna?”

— AJ is not the only WWE Diva to have had their eye on Kane. has published an article chronicling The Big Red Monster’s romantic history.

— WWE and Vince and Linda McMahon have filed separate motions to dismiss the lawsuit against them by Martha Hart and the Owen Hart estate. The motions were filed yesterday. The lawsuit, which had some other claims thrown out already alleges the following:

*Owen’s name would have reverted back to his usage alone in his passing, meaning that WWE doesn’t have the right to use his legal name in their materials and DVD releases.

* WWE released eight DVDs and other materials (such as the WWE Encylopedia) without proper payments to Owen Hart’s estate per his booking contract, which required that royalty payments continue after his death.

*WWE used original intellectual property such as family photos without the estate’s permission.

* The Owen Hart Foundation has been hurt an undesired association with WWE through their usage of Owen videos and other material.

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