Major Update On The Extreme Reunion Event


Source: Pwinsider

The planned Extreme Reunion show in Philadelphia on April 28th is planned to run as a possible ongoing set of shows. The plan is that if the first show is successful, they will run regular shows using old school ECW-associated names as well as other talent that would “make sense” for the shows with storylines and all. The first show is being promoted as a “one night-only event” to hype it.

The first show has sold out sections of the front row already with only Shane Douglas’ name announced, with tickets running $100 apiece. That price includes a take home chair while general admission is $30. Several names will be announced in the coming weeks, though at the moment only Douglas is being publicly announced.

The original plan was to hold it at the old ECW Arena but as that’s no longer an option, the National Guard Armory is booked. The armory has a capacity of several thousand.

There is no planned crossover with EVOLVE and the angle with Sami Callihan was a coincidence; EVOLVE was simply putting heat on Callihan.

The project is being run by Steve O’Neill, who is the head of production and creative for the Urban Wrestling Federation. Douglas will be involved in the show creatively with UWF and Wrestling Society X’s Kevin Klinerock working on the production.

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