Major Update On The NWA Lawsuit, Orton Note, SD


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— On August 7th, WWE SmackDown will be held at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

William sent this one in: Just watching TV in upstate New York, Saratoga Springs and noticed ad for ROH Wrestling being on at 9 o’clock starting Saturday April 8th. On channel WCWN on Time Warner Cable.

— On this morning’s Fox and Friends, they were discussing the Randy Orton being pulled from Marine: Homefront.

— R. Bruce Tharpe won a jurisdiction argument against the NWA in his lawsuit against the wrestling promotion and its parent organization Pro Wrestling Organization LLC, held Monday in Brownsville, Texas.

Tharpe won against the NWA’s new counsel, hired by new NWA Executive Director David Baucom. The judge ruled that the previous testimony and NWA responding to the court in Texas was enough for jurisdiction. A trial was set for May 24.

Tharpe filed the lawsuit in January, claiming that the NWA committed insurance fraud by having a policy that says it covers gatherings for 100 people for members when there have been events over that amount. Tharpe says the company misrepresented themselves to their insurance company, putting Tharpe and others at risk legally.

He also claims that NWA conned people to join the organization, including Tharpe, by claiming they would be covered by the insurance. He said that NWA Executive Director Bob Trobich (an attorney based out of North Carolina) led a conspiracy among members by discussing the matter and making other officers go along with it.

The suit claims that the Board of Directors, with Torbich, threatened members with fines and being forced out of the NWA if questions were pushed about the insurance. Tharpe is seeking damages, but doesn’t want more than $49,000. He resigned from the organization earlier this week.

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