Major Update on Why Lio Rush was Pulled from RAW, “Nuclear Heat”



We previously reported here on eWn that Lio Rush has a ton of heat backstage in WWE these days. Numerous WWE higher-ups are not happy with him and this is part of the reason he has not been booked on RAW as of late. According to sources, Rush was backstage at last night’s WWE RAW TV tapings but once again did not appear on camera. In addition to that, there are some rumors that he may be moved back down to the WWE NXT roster in the very near future.

Rush has reportedly become a “polarizing presence” backstage in WWE for other wrestlers. This dates back to the 2018 European tour in November where Rush broke what is considered proper backstage etiquette. Of course, he was still a rookie on the main roster during that time. An example of this is that rookie roster members are expected to be in the gorilla position after matches to give water to the veterans after they are done in the ring. They also carry coolers and drinks into the hotels where the wrestlers are staying to set up a common area where everyone can socialize together privately. Many of them also help with the ring and production setup at live events. You can call it “hazing” of the rookies and it happens in nearly every sport. The tasks are a way to show respect to the veterans in the locker room and the business as a whole. According to the reports, when several veteran WWE Superstars tried to advise Rush on how he was making a mistake by avoiding doing these tasks, he is said to have blown off their advice and then went to WWE management members to complain about what he was being asked to do. As you’d expect, this didn’t go over well.

Also, Rush is very outspoken over how he thinks he should be in the main event spot already. He’s not shy about complaining backstage about his position in the company even though he’s only been on the main roster for several months now.

Once things had calmed down with Rush earlier this year, several other issues arose. One report says he started bringing friends and relatives backstage without giving them the proper credentials. Of course, this creates issues with arena security who have a list and check in only the talents and friends/family members who have the proper credentials. Rush also blew off advice on that from several other senior RAW roster talents.

And if that’s not enough, there was a backstage incident with Finn Balor recently where Balor was trying to give Rush advice about having his wife present backstage at all times, including during rehearsals. There is talk that Rush would be lucky if he ever appeared on the main roster again over that specific incident.

Rush seemed to mock and deny the rumors that he had backstage heat just two days ago, saying,

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