Major Update: Russo Fired?, Bischoff’s Power, More


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Here are some new details on the TNA creative team shake-up:

* Dave Lagana was working on helping with pre-taped segments only at the TNA PPV. It doesn’t appear as if he has been promoted or is replacing Vince Russo yet.

* Russo was not at the show and it does appear as if changes to the creative team are in the works. No official announcement on anything has been made to the wrestlers or staff.

* It appears as if the lackluster ratings for the recent iMPACT! shows in London, England may have been the final straw to cause changes.

* Eric Bischoff would have been part of the decision to get Vince Russo out of power within the TNA creative team. The feeling backstage right now is that Russo is out and that he won’t be retained in any capacity with TNA.

* Russo’s exit would likely result in Bischoff having more power. Bischoff has consistently disagreed with Russo on TNA’s booking and storylines.

* As of now, Bruce Prichard is still head of TNA’s creative team. Wherever Dave Lagana ends up, it’ll be below Prichard and Bischoff.

* At this point, it seems as if Lagana’s role won’t really be expanding. He has downplayed his role, another sign that he hasn’t been promoted.

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