Major Update: Ryback Not Well Liked Backstage


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— According to reports, the match WWE hoped to schedule between Goldberg and Ryback for WrestleMania XXX is said to be close to dead due to the fact that both WWE and Goldberg are far apart on the financial side of the potential agreement as we noted earlier here on the website. However, one WWE source noted that the company hasn’t quite ruled out the possibility of a Goldberg vs. Ryback match just yet.

– Also as noted earlier here on the website, JBL recently referenced a story during commentary on WWE television regarding an arm-wrestling challenge between Ryback and Titus O’Neil. According to reports, O’Neil challenged Ryback to an arm-wrestling match, but Ryback didn’t accept. The idea was for the two to compete in an arm-wrestling match for money, with the loser donating to charity. Also, numerous sources claim that WWE talents are distancing themselves from Ryback as he’s known as a “loose cannon” backstage. People who used to like him when he first arrived have completely changed their tune due to his recent attitude. Many say his push last year went to his head and he’s grown a massive ego. This is part of the reason WWE decided to halt his push. It was their way of basically telling him to “chill out” as they can kill any momentum he has/had at the snap of their fingers.

Ryback tweeted the following regarding these reports:

“@RagingCynicism: @Ryback22 I read on the internet that nobody in @WWE likes you anymore. Your thoughts?” Specific names Feed Me Moron”

FEED ME MORON: 1) Internet community members who believe the lies they read. 2) A #STUPID Internet community member who has 2 many opinions.

Moving into my new million dollar house today. Thank you internet community I love you and I love myself. You Feed Me Morons are amazing!

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