Major Update: The Balls Mahoney-New Jack Real-Life Fight


As reported yesterday on the site, New Jack and Balls Mahoney were involved in a backstage altercation at the “Extreme Rising” event this past weekend in Philly. Here are some further details.

New Jack says the bad blood between him and Mahoney began last year after one of Frank Goodman’s UXW events. Mahoney had taken a “ring rat” (term used for a girl or woman frequenting a wrestling event in attempt to sleep with the crew or wrestlers) back to the hotel after the matches and “gigged” her and himself (a term used when wrestlers intentionally cut themselves, typically with a razor, to provoke bleeding). The two reportedly used the blood in graphic, sexual manners and proceeded by vandalizing the hotel room, writing their names in blood on the walls, and leaving blood smeared on nearly everything.

The result cost Frank Goodman nearly $300 to have cleaned up.

New Jack, upset over this disturbing act, publicly lambasted Mahoney and revealed the details of the incident on his YouTube and Facebook pages. He also began refusing to wrestle after Mahoney on future events if Mahoney’s match had blood involved. New Jack stated there were higher risks of catching a disease due to Mahoney’s carelessness.

This past April, New Jack and Balls were scheduled to appear at another event together. Prior to the event, New Jack had heard from several people that Mahoney was claiming to have bought a knife and would use it on New Jack if he provoked in him in any way. At the building, New Jack walked up to Mahoney and mockingly handed him two Percocets, saying he would need them by the end of the night.

He also warned Mahoney and insisted that he stop threatening New Jack’s life behind his back.

Again, both men were scheduled to appear on Saturday’s “Extreme Rising” event in Philadelphia. And again, New Jack heard that Mahoney was threatening him prior to the event. This time, with a gun.

Additionally, Mahoney had just recently finished a shoot interview with RF Video. After filming, Rob Feinstein — owner of RF Video — informed New Jack that Mahoney had called him the “N” word during the shoot.

New Jack said hearing that put his anger toward Mahoney over the top.

New Jack told me that when he saw Mahoney at the building Saturday night, he immediately went black and attacked him. He punched him in the face (some reports say repeatedly) and had pulled out a machete — New Jack always carries a knife on him — before being tackled by Atlas Security members.

“I was literally going to kill him,” New Jack said.

Mahoney’s injuries were noticeable after the attack and while he went through with his scheduled match that night, he didn’t go out during intermission to sign autographs or take pictures with the fans. He remained in a separate room from New Jack for the rest of the night.

Balls Mahoney has issued no public statement or response to the incident as of this writing.

(Thanks to Chris Cash for contributing to this article)

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