Major Update: The Briscoe Brothers, WWE & ROH


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UPDATE: According to sources, the ROH TV show (featuring a documentary on the Briscoe Brothers) as well as the iPPV match so close to their home was designed as a send off for Mark and Jay Briscoe.

Once again, the angle was planned before the incident with Jay Briscoe on Twitter, with the feeling that there was a WWE deal on the table. There are some that feel that WWE may have pulled back on the deal due to the Twitter issue, and WWE sources have stated that there is no deal for them on the table.

If they do not sign with WWE, the brothers are taking a hiatus from the company as they are not factored into any of the company’s short-term plans. Both men have stated many times that being around to see their children grow up was of the utmost importance to them, which is why many think that this is just a hiatus and that they will not be headed to WWE.

There has been a lot of discussion about the status of the ROH Title. ROH has taped TV through late July, so they do not have to make a decision right now. The company has been silent in regards to what they will do, but the general feeling is that the company will run a tournament to crown a new champion.

While their contracts have expired, ROH is still in contact with the brothers, and the split between the two is said to be amicable.

ORIGINAL: Here is the latest on the status of Mark and Jay Briscoe with Ring of Honor. Their contracts with Ring of Honor have expired. The angle leading to the iPPV, where they faced off for the title, was made months ago. Reports that the pair were not re-signed due to Jay Briscoe’s controversial tweets from around a month ago are not correct.

The promotion had the plan in place to write them out following the iPPV, and word is that unless they get a big money offer from WWE or elsewhere, they will be back with the company at some point. There are some that believe that a WWE deal was on the table for the brothers.

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