​Major Update – The David Benoit/Jericho/Chavo Drama


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

UPDATE: David Benoit’s pro wrestling debut,
which would have him work a tag team match with Chavo Guerrero, was canceled
after Chavo backed out. Chavo did so because he found out that Benoit doesn’t
have any formal wrestling training. Chavo was lied to by Hart Legacy Wrestling
promoter Smith Hart about his training.

Chris Jericho, who has been in contact with Benoit since the
family tragedy in 2007, was “furious” that Hart booked him without experience
and contacted the promotion. He complained about hearing that Benoit was set to
wrestle at the event in July. He tried to get the match stopped, which led to
Chavo backing out.

Smith Hart told two different stories to Chavo and Jericho. He
told Jericho that there were never any plans for Benoit to wrestle, just be part
of some sort of angle. He told Chavo that Benoit had training. It remains to be
seen if Benoit actually appears at the event. It may be canceled completely now
that Chavo is no longer a part of it and the information about the situation has

Benoit enrolled in Lance Storm’s school in Canada but never showed
up to the first day and was never trained. He also contacted Triple H and
William Regal about joining WWE but he was told to finish high school first.
Lance Storm’s school was recommended since it was close to him.

ORIGINAL: As previously reported, David Benoit
had been booked to make his in-ring wrestling debut for Hart Legacy Wrestling in
July. However, the match has been called off after Benoit’s scheduled partner
Chavo Guerrero has pulled out.

According to the report, Guerrero withdrew after he found out that
Smith Hart had deceived him about Benoit’s wrestling experience, saying that
Benoit had full training and was ready to debut. He had told Jericho that they
weren’t planning on having Benoit wrestle a match and would just do an angle
with him.

When Jericho found out, he was reportedly infuriated and called
Hart to get the match stopped. At this point both Guerrero and Benoit’s bookings
are no longer set.

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