Major WrestleMania 28 News + The Updated Card Revealed



— After John Cena defeated Kane in the dark match at RAW, Cena got on the mic and got a hoard of overwhelming boos. Cena said he was happy to finally see the real Rock. He said he enjoyed the sing-along & that The Rock had sex with his mom. Cena then brought in Cleveland/national rapper, Machine Gun kelly. Cena put over MGK and Cleveland (the boos were gone at this point). He then thanked MGK for allowing him to use his music for WrestleMania. Finally, Cena announced that MGK will be performing his entrance live at WrestleMania in Miami. The crowd left happy to conclude the taping.

— Here is the upodated WrestleMania 28 card:

The Rock vs. John Cena.

Hell in a Cell: The Undertaker vs. Triple H (w/Shawn Michaels as special referee)

WWE Title match: C.M. Punk vs. Chris Jericho.

World Heavyweight Title match: Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus.

Intercontinental Title match: Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show.

GM vs. GM Match For Control of Raw and Smackdown: Team Long (Captain – Santino & Kofi Kingston (?) & R-Truth (?) & three other members ) vs. Team Laurinaitis (Captain – David Otunga & Mark Henry & four other members)

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