Major WWE Roster Cuts Coming Soon?, Swagger’s Gimmick


Thanks to Ranjit Chahal for his help with some of the following newsbits:

— Lots of WWE talents are nervous about post-WrestleMania releases. With the talk of new content for the proposed WWE Network, such as the possible show on cruiserweight talent, the company feels like they may soon need as many bodies as possible. Guys like The Uso’s, JTG, Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio and several Divas are believed to be on the “endangered species” list but the company is hesitant to release them because they could end up heavily featured on the Divas or Cruiserweight shows if the WWE Network ever gets off the ground. Nonetheless, there are expected to be releases coming shortly. WWE holds WrestleMania followed by a European tour every year. Following the European tour when everyone returns home, the releases are expected to take place. There weren’t any major “spring cleaning” cuts last year due in part to Linda McMahon’s senate campaign. The motto of her campaign was that she was a “job creator” and WWE didn’t want to give her opponents an easy target by firing numerous talents. We shall see if cuts occur this year.

— WWE is quite pleased with the Jack Swagger gimmick. With the addition of Zeb Colter and the disdain towards certain people in the country, the character is now more established than anything that Swagger has ever done in the company. The belief is that the company will keep him relevant while he is going through his legal issues, so that they can push him again if things get resolved in court soon.

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