Man Shot at WWE Performance Center Shows Up Again Yesterday, Gets Into Argument With Lacey Evans & Dana Brooke (Videos)


Back in August 2015, we reported that a man by the name of Armando Alejandro Montalvo showed up to the WWE Performance Center and smeared some feces mixed with milk on the building. That’s when Orange County Police showed up and thought he had a gun. He wound up being shot due to the way he was acting and charging at police. Yesterday, he showed up once again and got into an argument with Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke.

Of course, yesterday’s RAW TV taping was held at the WWE Performance Center and Montalvo was lurking outside. He actually took to Facebook and posted some video footage of himself trying to get inside the Performance Center.

As Montalvo was trying to get into the Performance Center, he was stopped by Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke. He yelled, “Common sense is Lacey and all you Divas are trying to set me up to go back to jail! Hell no! I love my freedom too much! I know! That’s why they’re trying to chop off my ring finger and put it into the refrigerator to bail [Vince] McMahon out of debt for his Xtreme Football League! No! You all are trying to set me up! Who wants to see me debut on Monday Night RAW?! Who wants to see me never go back to jail for this wrestling dream?! You know I deserve it.”

Montalvo had to be removed from the area by WWE security. He claimed he was there to try to send a message to Triple H. Montalvo also claimed he was trained by Team 3D and worked as a security guard for WrestleMania.

While yesterday’s incident ended peacefully, a WWE security guard told Montalvo “to go try his talents at AEW.”

You can check out some videos from the incident below:

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