Mandy Rose Calls WrestleMania 37 Most Embarrassing Moment Of Her WWE Run


Mandy Rose may have landed on her feet following her WWE departure, but the former NXT Women’s Champion was not so graceful at WrestleMania 37.

Night one of the April 2021 event was delayed due to extreme weather, and during her entrance, Rose slipped on a wet patch on the entrance ramp.


On Instagram, a fan asked Rose what her most embarrassing WWE moment was, and the ex-Superstar said that this fall was the obvious answer.

Rose was released from WWE in December 2022 after the promotion learned of the NSFW content shared on her website.

It was reported that the Toxic Attraction alumnus made $1 million in December 2022, though Rose later clarified that it took just two-and-a-half weeks to reach that figure.

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