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Mandy vs Naomi Set for SmackDown Live This Week


After weeks of this intensely personal issue escalating, Mandy Rose will face Naomi one-on-one on SmackDown Live. Who will get the first win in this war?

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Mandy Rose sunk to new lows to embarrass Naomi last week on SmackDown LIVE, persuading both Naomi and her husband Jimmy Uso to a hotel room in a plan that ultimately resulted in Naomi being downed by The Golden Goddess.

Looking to retaliate, Naomi will have a chance to regain some pride when she collides with Mandy this Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE. Will Rose’s mind games continue to dim The Glow? Find out this Tuesday night.

Mandy is already poking the bear on Twitter asking about Jimmy Uso’s whereabouts during their upcoming bout:

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