Mandy Rose Opens up about Her Reaction to Paige Retiring


Mandy Rose and Paige have a very special relationship. Paige was there for Mandy when she was first getting started in Tough Enough and then brought Mandy on to the main roster as part of Absolution before Paige ultimately had to retire.

In a new interview with Sportskeeda, Mandy opens up about her reaction to her mentor being forced to retire due to injury:

“It was definitely a sad time for all of us. Paige was the one who was a big mentor in our careers. We came through with Paige and there was a lot of experiences we had shared, but we knew that she was retiring for the right reason. We knew Paige was going to be just fine, and she is an amazing woman and there are plenty of other opportunities.”

Mandy will face Asuka this Sunday at Fastlane for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

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