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NewsMansoor On Why He Looks Up To Sami Zayn

Mansoor On Why He Looks Up To Sami Zayn



Ex-WWE Superstar Mansoor has shared why he looks up to Sami Zayn as a role model, given the latter’s ability to succeed in WWE despite his size.

In a recent interview with Denise Salcedo, Mansoor spoke about how his size was perceived in WWE and spoke about Sami Zayn. He said,

“Basically, [Saudi Arabia] had told Vince [McMahon], they were like, ‘We’d prefer to have big stars. It is what it is. I took it as a challenge, like Sami Zayn, who I look up to tremendously … [He] is a guy who has Arab heritage and he’s Muslim but it was never all he was, and I think that was the point that people were trying to make to me.

“It’s amazing to be proud of that and for that to be a part of you because it’ll always be a part of you because it’s who you are, but when that’s all you are it’s difficult for people outside of that cultural sphere to connect with you, and because WWE is a global company and because you have to appeal to the most amount of people you can.”

Mansoor was released from WWE in September 2023, as part of the first wave of talent cuts following the launch of TKO Group Holdings.

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