Maria Disgusted With Response To Groping Incident


As reported earlier, Maria Kanellis voiced her displeasure with being groped by a spectator at Saturday’s Ring of Honor Best in the World 2012 event in New York City, writing on Twitter: “Thank you New York for coming to see Mike Bennett and myself. But the guy in the front row that grabbed my bum, I will have you thrown out next time. You are a pervert!!

“I am not to be touched, ever, by a fan weather I am working or not. It’s gross. I am not a toy. You pay to watch, so watch. Don’t touch. The only person that can touch is Mike Bennett. From now on you will get thrown out. thank you…”

Kanellis says she is disgusted with wrestling fan comments she read online Tuesday concerning the groping incident. She tweeted: “So since Marisa Tomei played a stripper and is scantily clad in a movie that gives you the right to grab her? I don’t think so. I am a performer and so is she. Your comments disgust me.”

Opinion: I’ve got to admit – some of the comments we had here on this site and on other sites yesterday were VERY disrespectful. Any fan who honestly believes it’s OK to grab a performer is perverted and disgusting to say the least. No talent deserves to be grabbed or touched. It’s absolutely uncalled for.

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