Maria Kanellis Addresses Mike Bennett’s Painkiller Addiction, WWE Main Event Preview, & More


WWE women’s wrestler/valet Maria Kanellis recently posted on Facebook, discussing her husband Mike Bennett’s addiction to prescription painkiller medication. Kanellis said,

“The day that everything changed, I was about 2 weeks pregnant. We, of course, didn’t know I was pregnant. We were supposed to go to Universal Studios, my favorite place ever, and Mike was not getting out of bed. I went to the gym. He was supposed to be ready to switch hotels for our mini vacation when I got back. I came back and he was still was in bed. I was frustrated and I didn’t think I could take it anymore. He promised he would be ready. He promised to have a fun day with me. And still, he laid in bed. I think about all the things, I did for him and I think I am finally ready to have the horrible talk about the D word. Finally, an hour later he brings his stuff down to the lobby. We head to lunch. I’m pissed and he is grumpy. It’s too late to go to Universal Studios and then he says he can’t afford a ticket to go tomorrow. WHAT? Now, going to Universal Studios and paying for a ticket may be understandable but the repeated failure to pay for things was not. Health insurance, rent, cable, gas, electric, or a grocery store run was usually paid for by me. What happened to equality? I was always the haughty woman that said she would never be with someone that treated her as, less than. And now this, something I looked forward to, I was done. Or I thought I was… We fight, I cry, he gets real quiet.”

“I don’t wanna die,” he says through tears. “I think I have a problem.”

The following two matches are confirmed for today’s WWE Main Event broadcast:

* Apollo Crews vs. Curt Hawkins
* Kalisto & Gran Metalik vs. Jack Gallagher & Brian Kendrick

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