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Maria Kanellis Outlines Goals For Women’s Wrestling Army Over Next Five Years



Maria Kanellis sat down with the “Women’s Wrestling Talk” podcast to discuss some goals she has for her Women’s Wrestling Army promotion.

Kanellis outlined her goals over the course of five years, highlighting health insurance and a bigger distribution being at the forefront. 

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On her major goals for the company: “Yeah, I have a few. Health insurance. I would like to be able to provide health insurance, even if it’s very basic health insurance I would like to provide health insurance. The second one is — and this one is probably a little longer than 5 years, but we’ll get there. I would really like everybody to make a million dollars a year. I just — that’s what I want. I want everyone’s paycheck to be a million dollars a year. Why? Because they’re worth it. And because everyone should be able to pay for their family, pay for their bills, I just believe that wholeheartedly. You’re going out there and killing yourself, why not? A lot of actors in Hollywood are on weekly television shows, and they’re making a million dollars per season. So you know what? I want to be able to provide that for wrestling too.”

On wanting sponsorships for the company: “Some of the more minor, or smaller goals that I think are attainable within the next year or two, is I want sponsorships that are beauty sponsorships, clothing sponsorships. All the things that wrestling hasn’t done in the past? I want to be able to accomplish those things. Whether it be Fenty or Skims or Kylie [Jenner]’s makeup line, I want to be able to do those things within women’s wrestling. Because our values of being empowered. strong women are the same values of those companies. And so why can’t we do it? And with that comes huge endorsement deals for all the women who are underneath the Women’s Wrestling Army brand. I don’t think it’s ever been done in the way that I think it’s possible. And so those are some things that I would really like to accomplish.

On her broadcast goals: “I’d also like to get us put on a major network, or Netflix, or a streaming that goes out to a much bigger audience. I love our deal with Pro Wrestling TV, but I think we can expand it even more. I’d like to take our docuseries that we have going right now, combine it all together, and take that to film festivals. Because I think the bigger story here is women’s empowerment, and inclusion, and diversity. And being able to tell those stories in a major way at a film festival and getting the attention of an even bigger audience. ‘Cause so many times the wrestling audience is so small compared to what’s out there. And having a documentary that tells a story about women and empowering women. But also tells a greater story and that’s being in a male-dominated industry. So those are my immediate goals — except for a million dollars a year which might take some time but we’re going to get there. So I think those things are — I think we can accomplish those things for sure.”

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