​Maria Kanellis Responds To Donald Trump Degrading Women


As previously reported, former WWE star Maria Kanellis was a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice, where she was fired by host Donald Trump for using what Trump called “locker room talk” back in 2010. Trump has recently co under fire for a video tape showing him making very vulgar and lewd comments that are considered demeaning to women, which Trump later tried to excuse himself for by saying it was “Locker room talk.” The current TNA Knockout then appeared on CNN Tonight this week to further address the Trump controversy.

Kanellis spoke more about inappropriate comments Trump made to her for her season of the reality series. There are rumored to be more tapes and footage of Trump making lewd and inappropriate comments. You can check out a video of Kanellis’ appearing on the show below.
During the segment, a clip was shown of Trump “firing” her from the show. After it was shown, Kanellis stated: “That’s actual locker room talk. That is what happens in a locker room. I’ve been in a locker room for 12 years with wrestlers. I’ve been backstage. I’ve been in green rooms, and I’ve never once heard a man talk like that. That and what he was talking about was assaulting a woman, a married woman, and that’s disgusting. And he wants to become the President of the United States. And to me, as President, holding the highest office, you should be the best of America. And that right there is the very worst.”

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