Maria Kanellis Reveals The Original Plans For Her Angle With Mike Kanellis In 2019, More


During a recent appearance on the “DropKick Podcast”, former WWE Superstar Maria Kanellis commented on the original plans for the 2019 angle with her husband Mike Kanellis, why Vince McMahon didn’t like it, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On if she can ever see a WWE return for herself or her husband down the line: “I’m sure that Mike [Bennett] will at some point. That’s just how that company rolls. For me, there would have to be some guaranteed money. I’ve always done the contracts where it’s like, you know, there’s a downside, but that’s not guaranteed, and two tiny ones. With how many years I’ve spent in this industry, and [how] I gave WWE over 8 years of my life, I think there’d have to be some guaranteed money.”

On their WWE debut together in 2017 and the original booking plans: “I mean we got hired four months before we debuted. We sat for four months knowing that we were fighting an uphill battle. Somebody really wanted us then for whatever reason. Things got put on the kibosh. When we came in, we thought Mike was gonna have this really good run of me just managing him and, you know, having these wrestling matches that he’s worked a thousand times before. Kevin Owens was fighting for us to come into WWE. He still apologizes. But the plan was to build Mike as a singles wrestler. Somewhere along the way, and I have a feeling it has a lot to do with him coming out with his addiction and then me announcing that I was pregnant, I think they just kind of took a step back from us and everything they wanted to do with us. But I say this to Mike all the time, that the second week we were there, we were already dead in the water.”

On how her Raw angle with Mike Kanellis in 2019 was supposed to go: “So it was supposed to be this storyline where I was just berating him the whole time. I was still on the road while pregnant, and then it was going to be Mike turning on me. It was supposed to be, ‘I’m sick of your s*** lady, I’m gonna do this on my own.’ Then I was gonna go on maternity leave, and then he was gonna have this singles run and use all the things he had been though. You know, dating an evil woman and having this addiction and all this stuff. He was going to use it as a babyface and to really start getting some wins and get the ball rolling. Then of course that ended as well, but you know some of our segments were like the highest rated during RAW, and I don’t think Vince liked it, [and he] didn’t understand Breezango either. You hear all these stories of how he doesn’t get it and I’m sorry you didn’t get it but the fans enjoyed it.”

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