Maria Kanellis Reveals The Plans For The Next Women’s Wrestling Army Show


During the latest edition of the “The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling” podcast, Maria Kanellis commented on the first Women’s Wrestling Army event that took place this past weekend in Providence, RI, what the plans are for the next show, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On plans for the next Women’s Wrestling Army show: “June, this will be very scary, June is looking terrifying. June will be our next one and it will be in Chicago. It’s scary. We have a date in mind, it’ll probably in Chicago. It’s going to be a similar set-up and kind of place. We have a 12-month deal with another streaming service. They are coming in on production for us with that. We’re going to be doing this, probably every six to eight weeks, and be filming over the course of a few days. This is going to be a big project over the next year.”

On booking talent, wanting Mia Yim for the first show: “There are so many talented women. The only part that is stressful is not being able to book them all. There are people I wanted to get on the show that I just couldn’t. That part is stressful. We picked a lot of women that were in Ring of Honor before. That was done intentionally. A lot of women we worked with before, they know our style and how we work, that was important to us and to give those girls some place to work again. There was that part. There was people like Mia Yim, that I would like to have on the show, but she wasn’t able to do this one. That gets stressful because you want those people but can’t necessarily have them. Once you get to know people’s spirit and style, it’s a lot easier to book them. What’s difficult is when you haven’t booked them before and you don’t know how they work so you’re in these feeling out phase.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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