Maria Kanellis Reveals Whether She’s Planning To Wrestle Again, & More


During a recent interview with Spencer Love, ROH Superstar Maria Kanellis commented on whether she’s planning to wrestle again, her biggest business influences in wrestling, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On who has influenced her on the business side of wrestling: “You take a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I mean, Paul Heyman, of course, he’s a genius in this industry. I love how he can make everyone look their very best. He ignores the flaws. Everyone’s got flaws. He just ignores those and he just goes straight and hones in on what are you the best at? That is probably – that’s the biggest thing with me, is I don’t care about your flaws. Let’s figure out where you fit, and what your very best qualities are. Let’s highlight those. Those things that make you different or flawed are the things that make you great, too. It’s just finding out those ways of using your best qualities.

“So from Paul Heyman, Lance was – he was such a phenomenal teacher when I was down in OVW with in- ring psychology. That was so helpful back then. Fit Finlay, of course. I was always amazed [with] what he could do with three-minute matches to get over whatever storyline we were supposed to tell at the time. It was insane to me. I mean, Mickie [James] has been a mind in this industry for a very long time. If you follow her career and the way she came back to the indies after her first WWE run, and built up all these indie girls that are now on top of their game, like, those type of people, not just people in management, but just people that are great leaders.”

On whether she has plans for an in-ring return: “No, I don’t foresee me getting in the ring. It would have to take like some kind of earth-shattering thing happen. I mean, it’s just not in the cards for me. There’s too many other talented women! I just – no! I watch myself in the ring, I wouldn’t hire me, so why would I put myself in the ring? No, as far as wrestling. I just don’t see myself in the ring with the girls of today. Angelina Love? Perfect. She’s fantastic in the ring! The match is gonna be awesome between her and Quinn. You’ve got a veteran versus a newcomer. You’ve got you’ve got that old school veteran-ism versus the the new-school interviewer coming in! It is just, I mean, that’s gonna be awesome. Angelina does a great job at it. Me. No, I am like weird spider lady in the ring. I’m like my arms are going and my legs are going a different – no! If I can help it. No.”

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