Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis Upset over Being Left out of Video Package, Ali on WWE Dropping ‘Mustafa’ from His Name


– WWE recently posted a video honoring all of the female Superstars in the company for Women’s History Month. However, WWE forgot to include Maria Kanellis in the package. She took to Twitter to voice her displeasure on the matter:

“Great video!! I think you forgot me? I’m on which is part of the main roster. Oh & I’ve been in the company a total of 7 and a half years but that’s cool. 15 and a half years total in this business. Maybe watch a few other places highlight reels. They don’t forget me.”

– As we’ve noted, WWE has dropped the “Mustafa” from Mustafa Ali’s name. Now, he is simply referred to as, Ali, on WWE programming. He took to Twitter to offer his thoughts on the name change:

“Mustafa means the “chosen one” with an emphasis on being chosen from amongst the people. Name or not, nothing has changed. I fight for the people. I am one of them.”

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